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Miros1 05-21-2007 12:22 AM

Greg's Sports Bra and Shorts -- Warlokkized! (5/20/07)

Image by Greg Bennett because I'm too pooped to take my own screen shot. Will put one up tomorrow

Lovely ladies who are "bigger in the business" can now work out in Greg's Sports Bra and Shorts sets, then kick off their sneaks and jump in the pool!

Download key: #2 is green, #3 is blue, #4 is red. The rest of the file name tells you what size the outfit is. All outfits fit Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Women. No, the elder women don't droop!

Warning: apparently my pool area is colder than Greg's...

Greg's original thread:

Meshes needed:

Added: Get the meshes from Warlokk's Tower at Look for threads with the subject "full body base set." There's a different thread for each bust size so look for all 5 threads if you want the whole set. -- Greg

Addendum to the Addendum: I suspect there might be "bare tootsie" problems if you use Szielin's conversions of Warlokk's XHi-Res meshes to the numeric sizes. If anyone has this problem, please post in this thread and I'll fix 'em!

Green set:

Miros1 05-21-2007 12:51 AM

Blue set:

Miros1 05-21-2007 01:00 AM

Red set:

Greg 05-21-2007 02:20 AM

Way cool! I've been needing some Warlokkian sportswear! That's one area that has been sadly neglected!

Miros1 05-21-2007 03:53 AM

The hard part of this process is keeping the file names straight! It's also hard to find an outfit that looks like it would provide enough support when stretched. You did use the extra strong Lycra-Spandex for your outfits, didn't you? :o

I'm doing the 5 bust sizes bigger than Maxis default with 36" hips, because I have a use for them. I can do other sizes if you want... Just ask!

Miros1 08-03-2007 05:48 AM

These might have problems if you're using BlooM's sexy feet default replacement meshes. I'll test and upload new versions if necessary.

Here's the fix for other creators who might discover their shoes have lost their toes:

Greg 08-03-2007 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Miros1 (Post 3521)
These might have problems if you're using BlooM's sexy feet default replacement meshes. I'll test and upload new versions if necessary.

Here's the fix for other creators who might discover their shoes have lost their toes:

Are you sure that's a solution? All I see is people discussing the problem, at least where the discussion is intelligible at all.

Miros1 08-03-2007 03:21 PM

It's somewhere in that thread... Once I figure it out, I'll post a coherent description somewhere, like the Help Desk.

jjjim 09-23-2007 07:33 PM

Wow!! Great job. Thanks

Miros1 11-10-2007 06:57 PM

You're welcome, Jjjim!

So far, the Warlokk versions don't have the bare toes effect. I did post fixed versions of the Maxis sized meshes in the Community area, and an explanation of how to fix the problem in Help Desk.

Greg 11-11-2007 09:18 PM

I slipped a link to Warlokk's Tower into the first message in this thread, along with an explanation of how to find the meshes you want. :D

Odessa 03-02-2008 04:18 AM

"Greg's Sports Bra and Shorts" You know... every time I see this thread I have a mental image of Greg wearing a sports bra. Smexy....

Sita 03-02-2008 05:32 PM

Actually Greg made a female version of Gregsim somewhere - she WAS sexy.... anyone remember where she was posted?

Greg 03-03-2008 12:29 AM

That would be the notorious Georgina Heavenridge.

She and her friend Rowena Greyhouse are posted on Insimadult. If you're a member there, you can look at my user profile, find all threads started by me, look for Georgina in the message subject.

Sita 03-03-2008 12:45 AM

:)) thanks Greg, she (no - they) will be very happy in my new city.

Greg 03-03-2008 06:31 PM

I'm sure you'll take good care of them, Sita! Those are two of my favorite characters, especially since their only role is to sprinkle sunshine wherever they go! :D

Miros1 03-03-2008 10:43 PM

Oh, if you'd like to use the actual, feminine form of Gregory, it's "Greer." Strangely enough, I knew a guy named Greer.

Greg 03-04-2008 02:28 AM

I had never heard that one before. But then, I had never heard that there was a feminine form of Gregory before! :lol:

Miros1 03-04-2008 02:57 AM

That's what my baby book sez!
Greer Scot. Dim. Gregory (Lat. "Alert, watchful"). Given fame by actress Greer Garson, whose mother's maiden name it was.
Gregoria (Fem. Gregory) Lat. "Alert, watchful."
Gregoriana, Gregorijana, Gregorina, Gregorine, Gregorya, Gregoryna
"Gregorina" sounds Russian to me, and "Gregorijana" might be Persian influenced... I might have to operate a little on Georgina!

For a laugh, the closest my book gives for the masculine form of "Rose" is "Roswell," meaning "Rose spring"!

meganroxy 11-28-2008 04:49 PM

Wow....nice threads!!

ooOoopz tooo much caffiene I gez why am I up dis early???

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