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The Albion family moved in behind the Caesars and Thebes, on the same block but the street behind them. Hecuba was fortune-minded and enjoyed food and cuisine. As well as spying on the neighbors. It was no surprise that she got along well with Calpurnia Caesar.

Priam was an intellectual who loved learning and tinkering. He preferred to use the family's telescope for its intended purpose, and even managed to discover a couple of new stars in the sky.

The couple had never been able to have children, so they had adopted a son several years ago.

Hector was a bit of a wild child, a rebel if you will. Andromache Thebe, the girl who seemed to have her life all together, was just as surprised as anyone else when she fell for him. When she found out they both shared an interest in music and dance (her opera and ballet to his rock and smustle) there was no going back for her.

They spent many a hot and heavy evening together, and then one day Andromache brought a visitor along with her.

"I understand you and Andy have been very serious," Queen said. Hector blushed and Andromache pretended not to be listening. "You must know that she's very serious about going to college and getting a decent job. I hope you plan on doing the same if things are to continue between the two of you."

Truth was, Hector had never thought about it. But as he looked at Andromache, he knew he would do anything to keep her. So he buckled down on his schoolwork and applied to college.

He also took a job at a law firm and put on a suit for the first time in his life. It started out as a part-time filing job, then he was soon promoted to full-time for the summer. It was then to his surprise that he received word of his the same school Andromache would be attending.
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