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Smile Hello from Brazil to all!!!

I am Brazilian and was born in Rio de Janeiro. I've 47 years old and an absolute lover of The Sims! Sorry for my bad English.

One day in 2001, I was searching the Internet some information to my son can play The Sims 1, and I fell in love for the game. This passion made me along with other virtual friends to create the Group Sim SA.
Our site was opened in 2002. We never saw us, we lived between Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Bahia and Japan.

As our host had many problems, we don't most update the site and transfer all the files to the groups created with Yahoo since 2002.

I tested the The Sims 2, but I prefer the beautiful and traditional TS1, and never I will leave it!

There were 7 people in the group, but only one person create now, it's me. Look at some of our creations, only to the beloved The Sims 1:

(Beach House by Civana)

2002 FIFA World Cup Theme by Civana:

Madonna Collection by Tio Sim:

Neighborhood Screens and Families by Civana:

View the all screens and families:


Sorry for my long post, but I am very happy to be here and to share with you.

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