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Default About Additions and Corrections

This is the spot to submit new sites to the Ultimate Sims List.

If there isn't already a thread about the site in this forum, please create a new thread and put the name of the site in the subject as well as in the body of the note.

If you want to post an update notice or comment about a site, please do that in the Fan Sites Links and Updates forum.
The idea is keep this forum strictly for Ultimate Sims List data, y'see, so the data don't get buried in chatter about the sites. I'll take a weed-whacker to any extraneous comments.

I need to know:
  1. Name of site (Example: Toe Sox Sims)
  2. URL (Example:
  3. Language (Example: English, Soxan)
  4. Type of Site (Enter one of options from the list below.)
    1. Free: Site does not charge money for anything and does not solicit donations.
    2. Free*: You will see a PayPal button or other request for donations on the site, but all content is available free of charge. Donations to help with the webmaster's costs are completely voluntary, the amount of money requested is reasonable, and there is no program of recurring subscription costs.
    3. Subscription: Requires paid subscription to access any part of the site, or a site that seems to exist primarily to advertise one or more subscription sites.
    4. SimsHost: Once upon a time, one of many sites you could access with a single SimsHost subscription; however, all 115 of these sites are now closed. We will be updating the Ultimate Sims List as soon as we can.
    5. Per Item: Site charges for some or all downloads. This includes "donator items."
    6. Other Pay: Site content costs money or the site solicits inordinately high "donations" but doesn't fit any of the categories above.

For sites that link to the Ultimate Sims List, please add:
  1. URL of an 88x31 GIF button
  2. Description of the site that will be displayed

The Ultimate Sims List doesn't yet have categories for these things, but while we're at it, let's also ask a few questions what kind of stuff the site has.
  1. Downloads for The Sims 1?
  2. Downloads for The Sims 2?
  3. Adult material?

If I can get the software working again, you'll be able to enter all this stuff into a web form; but for now this little forum is what we have!
Who are all these people and what do they know?

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Solar Max
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I have been finding lots of missing or gone sites from the Ultimate Sims List, in my browsing. Is this the place to list them?
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Old 01-30-2008, 12:06 AM   #3
Da Guy Wut Owns Dis Joint
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Yes, please.

Until I can get the time and motivation to get the updating tools working again, the Sun Sims board is all we have. But at least you'll know that I'll see it here and the discussion board provides an opportunity for folks to post corrections to corrections.
Who are all these people and what do they know?
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