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Let Me Entertain You!
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Default Inga's Civ II Crop Top

The Adventures of Inga Thonnsdotter
Episode 5: In Which Inga Gets Civilized

For spring break, Our Heroine ventured with her roommates to the strange foreign realms of St. Tropez on the French Riviera, where she tried (without success) to even out her tan. Inga quickly became resigned about her stubborn tan lines, blaming their recalcitrance on the freaky braphobic censorious winds that tend to rise without warning on the beach.

On the beach at St. Tropez
Hang in there. The download is the next image down the page.

On the second day of her vacation, Inga encountered our Primary Guilty Party. While discussing life, the universe, and how to solve all the world's problems if only people would listen, they got to talking about their favorite strategy games. It turned out that they shared a mutual interest in Civilization II, and on upon that tiny grain of sand grew a lasting friendship.

"I'm so addicted to Civ II that I bought the French edition just so that I could play it on my laptop!" he said.

"I'll go you one better!" Inga said. "Wait 'til you see the outfit I picked up my first day in town!"

He smiled and said, "I rather like the outfit you're wearing now!"

"Oh you'll like this one better-- erm... maybe not. But I know you'll like it!"

"In which case, I can't wait to see it!"

"Tell ya what. If you let me play Civ II on your laptop, I'll wear it tonight!"

"It's a deal!" he said.

That evening, Inga showed up at his door dressed for some serious world-conquering:

Inga's Civ II Crop Top and Matching Shorts
The zip archive includes the Civilization II crop top and blue shorts as separate clothing items.
Unzip the contents of the archive '' to your Downloads or SavedSims folder.

"Oh wow!" he said. "Yup! I definitely like that outfit! So, ready to play?"

"Sure!" she said. "I wish it was a two-player game, though."

"We can do that. We just go into cheat mode and take turns setting which civilization is assigned to the human player."

"That will work! Which civilization do you want to play?"

"Well, I usually like to play the Greeks," he said. "Nobody picks on 'em except the Romans--"

She made a face. "Forget the Romans! Murderous psychopaths!"

"Yeah, what you said. But since we're in France, I was thinking maybe the French--"

Her wry face transitioned into a sly wink. "Tell ya what," she said, "If you do the French, I'll do the Greeks!"

"Inga, you're my kinda gal!" he said. "But Civ II is a very long game and vacation time is pretty tight. Do you think we can fit it all in?"

"You'll be surprised what I can do when I'm determined!" she said.

With that, they settled down to some serious and determined game play.

Later that night...

"Well, so much for my spotless reputation!" he said.

"Yeah, I've heard about your reputation," she replied. "But that doesn't matter because your power is supreme!"

In the first image, Inga is wearing her blue suit from Inga's Topless Swimsuit Collection.

You can download her skin tone she has in these images from The Return of Tan Lines.

The Romans won the game. They both chalked it up to being distracted by the susurration of the censorious winds blowing on the beach.
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I was gonna ask if Anja was here....
So Anja? worked! I'll try again...
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Old 04-03-2007, 07:21 AM   #3
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So far, it seems to work for me. I haven't tried uploading a Really Big file like a sim yet.

And yup, Anja is here; and so is Sheba! I used the characters from the story to test things.
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Old 08-05-2008, 03:22 AM   #4
Loving Life!
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That outfit is so cute! Thank you, Greg!
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Old 08-16-2008, 05:06 PM   #5
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Enjoyed the story, Greg!
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Da Guy Wut Owns Dis Joint
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Thanks, Reader! I'm glad you liked it!
Who are all these people and what do they know?
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